Corona as an allegory

In this world, we have to live with peace, love and harmony but it is not what is happening

Just think that what has been happening over the years with Kashmiri people.

Just think that what has been happening over the years with Kashmiri people.

By Hamza Rehman

There has been a lot of debate over coronavirus from the last few months. This virus has spread almost ‘all’ over the world. Masses have become the victim of coronavirus and everyone afraid of it. Some died because of it and some recovered from it after embracing it. But I would here not talk about what the world is saying or believing because I do not look it the same way as them. I see it as an allegory. Corona is an allegory. An allegory to what has been happening over the years with the people of Kashmir. This corona or dengue is not a thing to be afraid of but stepping ahead and pondering upon it in a different way.

Hamza Rehman

These are indications that the world powers and think tanks should sit together and get the problem of Kashmir sought out. Everything in the world has come to a halt in regard to business and everything. The same is the case in Kashmir over the past few years. People are asked to go to quarantine and going in quarantine is a good thing but they should also understand the signs of God. This is not corona or dengue but these are indicators for the world powers to play a role for the freedom of Kashmir. We are sent in this world to live with peace, love, and harmony but it is not what is happening. The pictures of blood baths and millions of deaths in Kashmir describe the whole scenario.

We are hindered and told to live in quarantine but we do not think about the Kashmiri people that they have been living in the same situation over the past seventy years. We cannot bear it even for a month or two. The world is unable to understand that corona is not what they think. People are afraid to see others die in their own country but what about the people dying in Kashmir. Others have just started to feel it now so they can understand the pains and suffering of Kashmiri people but for the others, this is just a little start of the whole situation.

It is true that we cannot understand what others are going through until we feel it the same way. We do not know our next-door neighbor but now this is happening with us. So, the world powers should think over it. Kashmir has become so much important that the two countries have fought wars over it. The mothers of Kashmir lost their sons for the sake of freedom. The tyranny and callousness of the Indian forces have not become less. From Muhammad Maqbool Butt to Burhan Wani and many others have given their lives for freedom. So, think of some famous personalities in your country who die because of the corona. The Kashmiri people are welcomed with bullets, beaten them, and thrown in jails for life. Even thinking of the whole situation and seeing the videos will shake your body so the powers should step up to solve this case.

Dal Lake in Srinagar

Think of the same situation happens in your own country. About the masks and sanitizers, I would say masks are just to show people that we are in full protection and cannot get corona but in-fact we are hiding our cruel face and with the sanitizer, we are cleaning our hands which are colored with the blood. But the color will not go away how hard we try. So, this quarantine is the real-time to have a flashback and rectify some important things.

Hamza Rehman, who has done Masters in English from the Punjab University in Lahore, says he is still a student, a student of life, on a voyage to discover more.

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