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How to Create Amazon Seller Account in Pakistan?

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Amazon is known to be one of the most iconic examples of electronic e-commerce. Being the leading titan of various innovative domains such as logistics, payments, e-commerce, hardware, data storage, media, and much more, Amazon is guided by its four basic principles. These principles include true customer obsession, passion for inventing, attaining operational excellence, and focusing on long-term thinking.

Amazon aims to be one of the most customer-oriented companies in the business world. Also, the company is truly focusing on being the best employer to its employees and being the healthiest and safest place to work at.

The giant Amazon company has recently added Pakistan to its seller list, allowing the entrepreneurs in Pakistan truly eligible to showcase and sell their products on the most inventive platform possible across the globe.

Pakistan in Amazon Seller List
Pakistan in Amazon Seller List

It is one of the most progressive opportunities for Pakistan’s young men and women to export their customized products through the amazing platform.

This will surely open new avenues for the country’s youth to join the export market and experience the world of e-commerce at a humungous level. Executing business through this platform will result in billions of investments and produce innumerable employment opportunities for the country’s people. The arrival of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon will increase employment and investment opportunities in Pakistan. Both big business owners will benefit from it as a whole which will lead to a massive development for the country.

Amazon being the most innovative online selling platform, does come with some requirements to create and sign up for an account. Let us have a look at the procedure and requirements of creating a seller account at Amazon.

Requirements For Amazon Seller Account in Pakistan 

According to a survey, people trust Amazon more than any other e-commerce website to buy from because Amazon believes in strict quality control to deliver quality products and services to its consumers. So, it will be an amazing opportunity for Pakistani sellers to showcase and sell their unique and superior quality products at the world’s most trusted and utilized platform when it comes to selling and buying products. To attain this purpose, Pakistani sellers need to consider and understand few requirements and do things accordingly to gain the best experience possible. The requirements of the platform being set up by Amazon itself are as follows:

Firstly, You need to Choose a Selling Plan

Amazon offers different selling plans to different types of sellers. Depending on the categories such as first-time sellers, professional sellers, etc., various plans best suit each individual’s requirements and capabilities.

  • If you choose to go for an individual plan, you will pay around $0.99 each time you sell a product as a commission.
  • If you choose to go for a professional plan, you will be paying $39.99 per month. No matter how many items you sell, you have to pay the required fee per month, and also if you do not sell any item, the payment schedule remains the same.

    Amazon Seller account Pricing
    Amazon Seller account Pricing

For both of the plans, Amazon charges a referral fee on each sale.

Review Your Selling Strategy

The selling strategy depends on the kind of business you are doing. Whether you are a brand, or a reseller, or some other business, it would help if you devised a selling strategy exclusive to your own business and its requirements.

Creating a Seller Account at Amazon

After you have designed the selling strategy for your business, now is the time to create a seller account at Amazon. For this step, you may utilize your customer account and start selling through that account. On the other hand, you may choose to create a new seller account which includes the following requirements:

  • Amazon customer account of Business Email
  • A valid rechargeable credit card
  • Your Government ID
  • Valid Business Phone Number
  • Tax Information
  • A valid bank account number to receive payments

Reviewing the Product Category

As a seller on Amazon, one of the most important things to sign up for the platform is to review the list of products approved and allowed by Amazon that you may sell on this platform. Also, Amazon has given some guidelines and information that you need to provide regarding products which are as follows:

  • A product identifier code such as UPC, ISBN, or EAN to easily identify the product you are selling.
  • An SKU, which is said to be a distinctive product ID to keep track of your product.
  • Product details include price, condition, availability, features, shipping options, product name, brand, category, details, image, etc.
  • Valid keywords and search terms to optimize the search of your product.

Detail Page of the Product

The last requirement here is to create a detailed page of your product. These are the pages where buyers can easily find all the relevant information regarding the product. It also helps the buyers compare and differentiate between your and your competitor’s product to get a better analysis.

Step by Step about Create Seller Account on Amazon

After going through the requirements by Amazon, it is now convenient for you to sign up for a seller account. The steps included in the procedure are as follows:

  1. Visit the website https://services.amazon.com.
  2. Scroll down the page and choose the ”Sign Up” option below the heading.Amazon Seller account Sign Up
  3. Now decide between individual and professional seller account. If you are planning to sell more the 40 products per month, register as a professional seller. Otherwise, choose for individual seller option to save money.
  4. Once you have decided on the right seller account for you, a window will appear where you will be asked to insert your business email in the email section and choose the option Create New Account. When you are done giving the information, choose, ”Next” button.
  5. After this, you will be redirected to the second screen requiring entering in one-time password (OTP) generated by Amazon, which will be sent to you on the email address being provided by you. This is for the email verification. When you enter the OTP, code click on the ”Create You Amazon Account” button.
  6. Now you need to choose and fill in information for your business seller account that includes your Business Type, Business Location, Seller’s Full Name. After completing the required information, click on ”Agree and Continue Button”.
  7. Now, you must enter your personal information for identification and mobile number for the verification process. Once you have completed the personal information section, click on the ”Next” present at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Now you have to choose your marketplace. This means you need to select the location or the country you are selling from, such as (Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, etc.). After choosing the location, click on the ‘’Next’’ button.
  9. Now you need to enter the billing information. You need to provide valid credit information to be verified by Amazon. You need to provide the credit card number, expiration date, and name of the credit cardholder. After this, click on the ”Next Button”.
  10. Now you are required to enter the information of your products you need to sell on the Amazon store, and also some questions will appear regarding your Amazon store. This includes the name of your store, UPCs for your products, are the manufacturer or brand owner of the products being sold, do you have registered trademarks for your products. After providing the required answers, click on the ‘’Next’’ button.
  11. Lastly, after providing all the above-mentioned information, you will be asked to verify the business address provided by you in the personal information section. After re-submitting the business address and verified by Amazon, another window will appear, saying that you will be receiving a postcard at the given business address that will include a verification code.

Once you get the code, enter it in the” Enter Code Below” field and click on the ”Next” button to complete the verification process.

  1. Once Amazon is verifying you, you are in for the selling of your products.

Why should You consider Selling on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce platforms considered far from the perfect place to sell and display your products globally. This platform is ideal for people who wish to reach a wider and diverse audience – one that spends a lot of time and even more money online.

Here are a few of the most important reasons to consider regarding why you should consider selling on Amazon:

The huge scale of Potential Audience

You can reach a huge scale of potential and diverse audiences worldwide through an amazing platform such as Amazon. It has triple the number of eBay buyers and an estimated number of 237 billion customers, making it far from the perfect place to go for.

Goodwill and Reputation of Amazon

Amazon is the customer focus platform, has a great reputation and goodwill among its users, be it buyers or sellers, compared to other online platforms, which are being known as cheap, fraud and dishonest to customers.

No listing fee at All

Amazon does not charge any listing fee from you for listing your products. It does not charge any fee unless you sell something. This allows you to increase your listing to provide a wide range of products to choose from for the buyers.


Amazon is considered to be one of the most trusted brands worldwide. So, if you choose to ell via Amazon, you associate your business with a brand that is considered authentic, reliable, trusted, and customer-focused worldwide.

From Amazon to Your Own Online Store

Amazon can prove to be a great platform for your business as your loyal customers can easily gather your information from the platform and contact you directly for the required products and refer other clients to you that may reach out to your business directly.

Amazon – A great product testing place

Amazon can prove to be a wonderful place to launch or test any new product to see customer reactions towards it, whether the product is in demand or the feedback from customers related to the product to decide whether or not to go with the product easily.


It is to say without a doubt that Amazon is the leading titan of the e-commerce industry that has truly revolutionized the dynamics of the online business industry. The best way to find out whether Amazon works for your business is to try your hands on selling your own products via the platform to give your business the potential growth and significant clientele you are aiming for.

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